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Powder enamel incense burner

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    April 13, 2018 2:28:16 AM CDT


    Powder color flower and bird grain incense oven, height 10.5 centimeters, diameter 11.5 centimeters, flower bird outline vivid, the color is rich and colourful, its opposite has 4 word "branch close friend". Next to the item is a line of small words "deci hai xingfa porcelain".

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    It is estimated that in 1923, the year of decanhai was not available. Originally I thought to use the flower bird design as the censer, unreasonable, especially the 4 word item is not suitable to appear in the censer, once suspected as the pen holder or the pen wash, but has been verified as the censer.
    Incense burner, worship Buddha.

    With the erosion of time and rain, the old censer is gradually reduced. I have a number of incense burner, although it is ordinary people kiln products, it is elegant and elegant.