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pay attention to marketing

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    April 16, 2018 1:20:57 AM CDT

    marketing. This time, Jilin Forest Workers contacted me and I said how do you contact me now? Must pay attention to marketing. Dealers are your food and clothing parents, not your subordinates. Your regional manager must be loyal to Jilin forest workers, compliant composite board vs particle board to today, high teacher I can not contribute. It is not my personal opinion. I speak more straightforward, because I am for China's flooring industry, a lot of things to stand on the scientific point of view. Fight for justice, I think now do the floor, we must pay attention to

    ten o'clock, a purpose to improve the market competitiveness of Jilin forest brand, the two commitments, the floor has always been the most basic industry. Floor quality, double commitment to service. Must consider the interests of three parties, converting square ft into lineal feet for decks the interests of consumers, the interests of dealers, brand manufacturers. Floor quality is the foundation, the laying of links is fundamental, science is the key to the company, the market is guaranteed. I will go back and discuss with Jilin Mori Co., Ltd., and send a message to the dealer. Seven

    worries, we must consider the dealer's seven fears, you are most afraid not to vote ads, do not vote ads, there is no branding. Now can not be out of stock, but also not allowed to easily remove the dealer. At the beginning of the dealer to help you,splash deluxe pool deck sales were good in January, the result was not good sales, on the other. 8 positioning, we Jilin forest workers most need to have a position, in the end do not end product? How to do the dealer, how to do the supermarket, how to reward policy, have a full set of plans. 9 big marketing plan,